Weaving Process

Tools and materials
Tools and materials

My weaving process


I work on an upright loom - I have several ranging in size from 1 - 3 metres weaving width. They are all adaptations of a simple upright metal frame made of metal scaffolding poles with tensioners to loosen or tighten the warp. ( picture of loom) I love the pleasing low tech nature of these looms, they have very few moving parts and nothing to break and yet they perform all the tasks I need them to and I can weave any size of tapestry on them. My first loom was designed by Archie Brennen and made by his father who was a blacksmith. I bought it in 1976 when I was still a student, I think it cost me 66, a huge sum in those days, but it was the best investment I ever made. I regularly use a large pipe loom also made by Mr Brennan senior and refined later by my husband, with the addition of a sturdy stand and a leashing bar. This transforms it into a proper free standing loom that fits easily into a small car.

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