Still After Sunset

Still, After Sunset.jpg
Still, After Sunset.jpg


Size: 180w x 145h
Materials: wool, linen, silk, cotton
Date: 2019

This tapestry is the centrepiece of a group of work inspired by visits to a remote West Highland sea loch. I spent some of my childhood there and recently revisited after an absence of nearly 50 years.

STILL, AFTER SUNSET, is a love song to the view from the cottage we lived in, that I now realise has been hard wired into my brain since childhood. This cycle of work attempts to capture the quiet joy of rediscovering places and things that I thought I had lost and forgotten. It also describes the magical, transcendent moments of stillness on the water that sometimes occur just before sunrise, just after sunset and when the tide is turning.

These works revisit a theme that I return to again and again water, an archetypal and highly symbolic medium, reflective, transparent, concealing, revealing, transforming.

Half Tide, Noon